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"Bobbie Van Detta is unfortunately not a household name in the Capital Region, but ask any musician about him and they'll smile and humbly say he's one of the best.  Van Detta is a triple threat who plays, sings and writes -- all with equal talent and spirit.  His solo album, "My New Hero," bridges pop, rock and gospel overtones, with every tune -- including the delightful "Doesn't Anybody Have A Heart" -- marked by passion and skill.  And Van Detta's so busy as a sideman (playing bass, guitar and backup vocalist) that his solo dates are rare, so be sure to stop by to see what he's serving up.  

-- Michael Eck, timesunion.com Entertainment Calendar

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"What Van Detta does is craft smooth, accessible songs that are filled with comfortable hooks and mellow grooves.  His main instruments are bass and guitar, and his voice has such a crowd-pleasing warmth that he balances solo gigs with session work as a backup singer and a jingle vocalist... The varied styles on My New Hero range from the midtempo, harmony-laced pop of "Doesn't Anybody Have a Heart?" to the melodic, countrified folk of the title track; while a heavy Beatles influence is immediately audible, Van Detta also offers plenty of blue-eyed soul ... the disc is written, arranged and performed with ... a sure hand."  

-- Peter Hanson, Metroland

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"Bobbie deserves to be in this list of The Few, The Chosen because he has a unique, and sweet, talent... and has always, always fronted his own bands and enjoyed wildly successful solo career.

"His songwriting talents and profoundly beautiful tenor voice make you stop mid-conversation and just look; in another place, another time, he'd have been recruited for the Vienna Choir Boys.  To say that Bobbie has a gift would be an understatement: he has been graced with an unusual talent for singing, for pulling emotion and expression from the depth of his soul, via his extraordinary pipes.

"... he's created a dynamic and soulful man -- with direction and spirit that we should all seek in ourselves -- but many are afraid to plumb the depths of soul.  That growth, that fearlessness to seek -- and find -- himself has resulted in his magnificent new CD, My New Hero. This musical offering is not for the faint-of-heart...

"No, My New Hero is lyrical pop/rock: beautiful guitar work by Bobbie accompanies those vocals... but it's more than that.  The weak should not venture here if you're afraid of self-discovery.  His lyrics are penetrating, thought-provoking, searching, loving, painful -- a spiritual, and emotional journey. A retreat, if you will. The day you're ready to take that walk in the woods, to read Thoreau, to Drive "Til You Get There" -- that is the day to pop My New Hero into the CD player and let it wash over you.

"... I do believe that My New Hero says it all so very well: Bobbie Van Detta may well become you New Hero, especially if you're on the path to self-discovery. There's nary a songwriter out there to rival his bravery in bringing the guts to the surface, and to do it with musical ability that most of us can only imagine..."

-- Marion Altieri, Poor Richards Saratoga Journal




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